Civil Air Patrol
Orange County North Carolina Composite Squadron
JOIN the Civil Air Patrol

How to join as a cadet:

1.  You must be age 12 to 18 years-old (cadets can remain in the program until age 21). 

2.  Contact our squadron by email ( to coordinate your visit to one of our weekly Thursday night meetings from 6:45pm to 9:15pm.  Parents are highly encouraged to visit the squadron with their prospective cadets. 

3.  Complete a Cadet Application (click here).  

Note: We require a prospective cadet attend at least 3 meetings prior to final completion of the application process; this is to ensure that the program is right for you.

How to join as an adult member:

Adult members of CAP are called "senior members". The senior members of Orange County Composite Squadron are primarily there to support and instruct the cadets. To join as a senior member, please visit during a Thursday night meeting. Contact us at for details. 

New Cadet Guide‬

Application Procedures


Click here for the new cadet application checklist


Basic Cadet Knowledge


Click here for "Great Start" student guide


Cadet Uniforms


The Air Force Blues Uniform need to be ordered through the Free Cadet Uniform program (FCU).  Click here for directions and sizing charts.


The Battle Dress Uniform may be purchased at anytime after joining.  New uniforms can be purchased through Vanguard, the official CAP supplier, or you can buy used ones from a local military surplus store.  


Click here for the male cadet uniform checklist.  Click here for the female cadet uniform checklist.  All the items in red need to be ordered from Vanguard.  


Shoes are not part of the FCU, click here for the guide on purchasing proper footwear for CAP uniforms.