Civil Air Patrol
Orange County North Carolina Composite Squadron

Professional Development Resources

by Colonel Douglas
June 2015
Well, here it is the end of June, and as they say, better late, than never, or would they save the best for last!” be more apropos? At any rate, here is the June PD & DP Info bulletin serving as the transmittal for the accompanying NHQ Summertime Professional Development Journal. Note that all SMs must have completed the NEW” CPPT by 1 July . . . click here for more.
April 2015
Well, it has been a while since I’ve published this newsletter – started in February 2013, and ceased sometime in 2014. However, it appears to be needed again. There are new” requirements in Professional Development that have taken some of us senior members unawares, and... click here for more.
May 2014
The ultimate in CAP Professional Development – to graduate from the CAP National Staff College (NSC) at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
L to R: Maj Edward Angelovich, Lt Col William Ryan, Lt Col Andy Wiggs,
Col Roy Douglass (NSC Staff), Maj Jason Bailey,
Chap (Lt Col) Wayne Byerly (NCS Staff), Lt Col Dion Viventi, Maj David here for more.
March 2014
March is going by quickly, and if you recall last year, I “clean forgot” to get a March issue of the PD News out to you, so without any PD progress on the part of our membership, following is the best I can cobble together for March 2014! Click for more info.
October 2013
Well, the month of October just about slipped by without this issue of the PD News Letter. Reason is that I was waiting on some word from NHQ as to the arrival of the Davis Award certificate for Lt Watkins to include in this issue, but no matter who tried to pry it loose from NHQ (NC150/CC, GP2/CC, NCWG/CS and MER/CS) it just hasn’t arrived. Fortunately for Lt Watkins, his Level II is posted on his CAP here for more.
September 2013
This month’s issue is dedicated to the Benjamin O. Davis Award. Why? Because so many of you still need to achieve this easy step, albeit time consuming, in your Professional Development. In fact, six out of the ten senior members (not counting me) who are active in NC150 have not completed Level 2 and attained their here for more.
August 2013 (Part II)
While at the North Carolina Wing Commander’s Call last Saturday, information about the joint NC/SC Wing conference was provided. This joint wing conference is scheduled for 4-6 October 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Executive Park Hotel in Charlotte. Friday evening there will be here for more.
August 2013 (Part I)
During the month of July our unit enjoyed some Professional Development progress. Congratulations go to 2d Lt Ron Watkins on achieving his technician rating in Communications. His achievement also qualified Lt Watkins here for more.
July 2013
Well, the month of July nearly rushed by without this issue being created or published. July has likely been a very busy month for all of us, and the NC Wing is currently closing out July by being involved in the Tri-Wing SAREX that will continue into August. So what does a SAREX, or Emergency Services (ES) in general have here for more.
June 2013
Did you know that all of your professional development progress is shown in a Professional Development Report (PDR)? More details about the PDR are found in CAP Regulation 50-17, paragraph 2-6. This report is intended to serve as a management tool for unit PDOs, CAP commanders, and for National Headquarters to track here for more.
May 2013
Well, the month of April rushed by pretty quickly, but during the month of April we had two major PD events occur: first was the group 2 PD weekend, which was covered in the April news letter, and second was the MER/DE Wing conference. Why, might you ask, is the latter a PD event? Nearly all of here for more.