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The cadet program

The cadet program is Civil Air Patrol's 16-step youth leadership program open to boys and girls ages 12-18. Cadets interact in a semi-military setting learning valuable life skills in leadership, character, teamwork and self-discipline. All cadets learn how to march on the drill field and properly use Air Force customs and courtesies. Through hard work and dedication, cadets can promote from airmen to NCO and ultimately to officer rank.  

aerospace education

Aviation is the cornerstone of CAP. Cadets gain conceptual aerospace knowledge through the aerospace education modules which they must complete for promotions and practical knowledge in the cockpit! In North Carolina, Cadets get the opportunity to fly up to five orientation flights in Civil Air Patrol aircraft. Though pilot training is not part of the Cadet Program, there are opportunities available through the National Cadet Special Activities. 

emergency services

Our Squadron focus is to serve the community through Emergency Services. Cadets can participate in a variety of courses to learn First Aid, CPR, CERT, compass, the use of radios, as well as other vital ES skills. Our squadron has close ties with the Orange County EMS, which has given us access to many unique training opportunities. We continually pursue the goal of having our squadron ready to assist our community during an emergency.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orange County Composite Squadron?

Orange County Composite Squadron is a local unit of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  CAP is the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force; all CAP members are volunteers.  Established right before the start of World War II, CAP airplanes patrolled America's coastline for enemy submarines and other threats. Today, CAP continues to serve the nation through emergency services, cadet program, and aerospace education missions.

What is the Cadet Program?

The Cadet Program is one of the three mission of the Civil Air Patrol.  The program provides leadership training to youths through an emphasis on aviation, community service, and military discipline. Click here to view the Parents Guide which describes the program in detail.

I am not interested in the military, so why should I join?

The Cadet Program is NOT A MILITARY RECRUITING PROGRAM.  In fact, the majority of our squadron's alumni cadets do not pursue military service, but excel in colleges and careers as a result of the leadership training they receive in CAP.  

Will I learn how to fly?

Formal private pilot training is not part of the cadet curriculum. However, flight academies and scholarships are available at the national level for advanced cadets. At the local level, cadets often have the chance, and are encouraged, to take part in orientation flights with certified CAP pilots.  Sometimes, cadets may also have the opportunity to fly on military aircraft during summer activities.

How can I join as a cadet?

First, you must be ages 12 through 18 years (you can remain a cadet until 21). Next, please contact our squadron by email to coordinate a visit:

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